Enter a number to call and select your choice of artificial voice samples, this program will dial that number and display the specified callerID. The message will then be read to the person on the other end in a selected voice sample. Thus we call them: Text Grams   This is a unique look into the world of text to speech processing.


Fill out the form below to make a free call:

Number to Call - Include Area Code - Works for US AND Canada Only.

Number on Caller ID - Include Area Code - this is the number that will display on the recipient's caller ID.

Name on Caller ID - This is what will get displayed on the recipient's caller ID.

Voice - Please choose the voice you want the message to be replayed in.

Message - Type anything you want within our acceptable usage, please see details below!

SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofing

Note: Calls are placed almost instantly. If the phone number is busy or there is no answer, we will make 1 more attempt to call it in 1 minute.

It is unacceptable to use this text to voice program with foul language or harassment purposes according to FCC regulations. Use at your own risk and liability. IP addresses are traceable and you will be held liable for any action that breaches city, state, federal, or international laws. CDYNE will fully cooperate with authorities for any illegal/threatening messages. Remember your IP Address is recorded, so do not break any applicable laws.

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